How To Fix a Subwoofer That’s Buzzing at High Volume

A subwoofer that starts buzzing when volume levels increase is a problem that needs to be addressed head-on. This issue isn’t only grating and stressful to listen to, but it could also severely damage your equipment if left unattended for too long. Therefore, for any audiophile looking to gain this critical piece of knowledge about

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Does Every Car Have a Subwoofer in It

Does Every Car Have a Subwoofer in It?

Subwoofers are an irreplaceable piece of audio gear for any audiophile. If you like to hear a rich bass in your music, you need a subwoofer. But does every car have a subwoofer in it, or will you have to purchase one separately? Not every car has a subwoofer in it. Only a few vehicles

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Can Subwoofers Damage Your Hearing? Safety Info

Every sound has a corresponding frequency which determines its pitch or tonal quality. Subwoofers can reproduce low-frequency sounds that conventional speakers find difficult to replicate, making them a popular addition to any sound system. Subwoofers can damage your hearing when played at loud volumes. The sound a subwoofer makes is less strainful on our ears,

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Are Subwoofers Bad for Your Car? The Surprising Answer

A good sound system can take the stress away from driving and make the journey more fun. Adding subwoofers is one of the most common ways to enhance a car’s audio, but it’s not always a straightforward process. Subwoofers can be bad for your car if installed improperly. They can cause unwanted rattles, drain your

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Can You Connect a Subwoofer to a Bluetooth Speaker?

Subwoofers improve a speaker’s bass, sound quality, and clarity. They’re usually easy to connect to a regular speaker. But what if you have a Bluetooth speaker?  You can connect a subwoofer to a Bluetooth speaker as long as it’s a Bluetooth subwoofer. If your non-Bluetooth subwoofer supports an auxiliary connection, you can connect it to

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4 Signs That Your Subwoofer Is Properly Broken In

Some people recommend that you should break in a new subwoofer before it fully becomes a part of your sound setup. There are arguments for and against going with this approach, but assuming you choose to break in your subwoofer, what are the top signs that show it’s properly broken in? Here are 4 signs

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