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Editor & Main Author:

AudioCruiser.Com specializes in audio equipment and all the topics related to the audio industry and audio technologies.

We are passionate about all things audio and like to write about AV receivers, home theater systems, stereo systems, amplifiers, car stereos, Bluetooth speakers, Bluetooth headphones, radios, new technologies in the audio industry, and all the other audio-related topics you can think of. 

By providing guides and all the necessary information about the audio equipment we review, we want to help you make the right choice and choose the product you’ll be happy with. That’s been our main goal since day one. 

Our Job

We are often testing and reviewing various audio products or comparing different technologies. But that’s not the only thing we do. We also write articles about new technologies, and we make step-by-step tutorials where we explain how to handle your audio equipment. Our articles can be divided into 4 main groups:

  • Single-product reviews (Headphones, Speakers, Radios, AVRs, Amplifiers, Car Speakers and Amplifiers, etc.)
  • Product comparisons
  • Best-of lists
  • Step-by-step tutorials and informational articles

Simply put, our job is to keep you informed and make the confusing world of audio equipment a little bit easier to understand.

Our explanations and reviews are detailed but also easy to follow. They don’t require advanced technical knowledge and understanding of audio gear. 

How We Do It?

Our review policy is not much different from other similar websites. We either buy the products, get the products sent from the manufacturers, or borrow them from our colleagues. We test them for a week or two, depending on how busy our schedule is, and take notes during that review period. When we’re done testing, we use those notes to create an in-depth review. 

The structure of our reviews is standardized. We list all the pros and cons, and then we discuss every aspect of the product, starting with the initial impressions and unboxing, and ending with the overall performance.

We don’t advertise products and don’t write stellar reviews just because we get to keep the product after we’re done with our review. If the product is not good enough for the price, or if there are some issues regarding the performance, or build quality or ease of use, we will tell you that.

Our comparisons are very similar to our single-product reviews. The only difference is that, instead of writing about one product, we write about two and compare their features and performances.

We also list all the pros and cons and discuss the box contents, initial impressions, features, and overall performance. In the end, we tell you which one of the two reviewed products is a better choice.

Our best-of lists are also based on single-product reviews. We basically just gather the products we like the most.

Occasionally, we will include a product that we didn’t have the chance to test properly, but only if the initial impressions are very good and if the audio community had positive comments about the product. This mostly applies to the latest products that have just been introduced.

In our tutorials, we give you tips on how to handle your audio equipment. These tutorials are simple and super-easy to follow.

Our Financing

The way we make money is also pretty straightforward. We are funded by our readers through display advertising and the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program.

AudioCruiser participates in this Amazon’s Associate’s Program, and here’s how it works in practice:

Our reviews (single-product reviews, product comparisons, and best-of lists) contain Amazon affiliate links. The links are clearly labeled and, when you click on those links, you get redirected to Amazon’s product page. If you make a purchase, we get a small commission. It’s that simple.

Why AudioCruiser?

We are a small enthusiastic group of audio devotees. We don’t make a lot of money, but we love what we do, and we do it passionately.

We are trying to build trust through the honest, unbiased, and detailed reviews we do every day. We like talking about audio equipment, and we love getting in touch with our readers and sharing experience.

If you like what we do, keep visiting AudioCruiser.com for more interesting articles.

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