10-Inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofers (2023)

Thinking about big bass in a small package? Impossible? Our article about 9 best 10-inch shallow-mount subwoofers is here to show you how easy it can actually be.

What Are the Advantages of Shallow-Mount Subwoofers?

Subwoofers are usually very large and heavy, and they require some serious space to be mounted properly and to deliver the best possible performance and show their full potential.

However, we don’t use subwoofers only in our houses, offices, studios, etc.

Many people also want to improve their car audio systems and add more bass to their audio experience. 

This used to be mission impossible because no matter how big they are, cars have limited space.

So, the manufacturers decided to make subwoofers that can fit different car types and that’s why we have different subwoofers such as 8, 10, 12-inch, etc.

Also, that’s why we have regular and shallow-mount subwoofers.

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The difference between a regular and a shallow-mount (low-profile) subwoofer is actually in their height i.e., mounting depth.

As you can conclude based on their name, shallow-mount subwoofers are relatively thin, they require enclosures of smaller dimensions and, subsequently, occupy less space in your trunk, under the seat, etc.

The great thing about shallow-mount subwoofers is that they are usually affordable or at least reasonably priced.

Also, more and more low-profile subwoofers are made every day so you have a really great selection of different brands and features.

Another great thing about shallow-mount subwoofers is that they are quite simple to install and most people don’t even need professional assistance.

Plus, they are usually compatible with sealed and vented enclosures, so you get to choose the type that you prefer.

Sadly, the enclosures don’t come with the subwoofers and they aren’t included in the price so you have to purchase them separately.

This is the main reason why manufacturers usually provide detailed installation instructions and detailed information about the dimensions of the enclosures compatible with your subwoofer.

If you follow all the instructions, you’ll soon realize how simple the entire procedure is and how good these devices sound.

Our Top Picks

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For the purposes of this article, we’ve tested numerous subwoofers made by different companies.

After a careful inspection and decision-making process, we’ve singled out the following 9 best 10-inch shallow-mount subwoofers.

If you take a look at our list, you’ll notice that it’s divided into three categories (best 10-inch shallow-mount subwoofers under $50, best under $100, and best under $200) so you can just set your budget and read the appropriate section.

Best 10-Inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofers Under $50

Best Deal: BOSS Audio Systems CXX10

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.7]

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The first and the cheapest on our list of 9 best 10-inch shallow-mount subwoofers – BOSS CXX10.

We won’t lie to you – this is a low-profile entry-level subwoofer but if you want significant audio improvement in your car for a small amount of money, this is the right choice for you.

CXX10 is a nicely designed black 10-inch subwoofer that looks and feels quite well. It has a single voice coil surrounded by a rubber that protects it while moving, while the basket is made from metal and feels rather durable, especially at this price point.

The subwoofer’s mounting depth is 4.5 inches and its mounting diameter is 9.2 inches. Its total power output is 800W (RMS equals 400W), its impedance is 4 Ohms and it can go down to 36Hz.

It is easily mounted and it works great in both sealed and vented enclosures, which you have to buy separately. The manufacturer provides detailed instructions regarding the size and type of enclosure.

CXX10 performs quite well for a cheap subwoofer and it delivers crisp, clear, and deep bass. It won’t shake your car but will definitely make an obvious difference in sound quality. 


  • Very low price
  • Decent design and build quality
  • Delivers clear, crisp, and deep bass
  • Easily installed


  • Doesn’t come with a grille
  • Too small to produce extremely powerful bass and very low sub-bass tones

Planet Audio AC10D

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.7]

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Planet Audio AC10D is another great car subwoofer that improves the audio performance of your car audio system and doesn’t cost much.

It has a simple design and comes in black color only but we still find it very attractive.

It has dual 4-Ohm 2-inch polypropylene voice coils, foam protective surround, and a stamped basket, which seems like a pretty durable construction for this kind of money.

Its cutout diameter is 9.12 inches and its mounting depth is 4.75 inches.

The subwoofer works with both ported and sealed enclosures but it doesn’t come with either of them, so you’ll have to get those separately.

Plus, some of the customers reported that they have experienced certain complications while trying to set it up, so you might want to consider professional help if you’re not experienced in this area.

Also, be careful about the way you use the product and follow all the provided instructions. In case something happens, you can always use the 3-year warranty provided by the manufacturer.

When it comes to audio reproduction, AC10D has a total output power of 1500W (RMS – 750W), its sensitivity equals 87 dB, while its resonant frequency is 39 Hz.

The sound this subwoofer delivers won’t be mind-blowing and it won’t shake your car but it’ll most definitely be an improvement.


  • Compact size and decent design
  • Durable construction
  • 3-year warranty
  • Works well in both ported and sealed enclosures
  • Delivers very nice and pleasant bass


  • Doesn’t come with an enclosure
  • Potential mounting problems

Best 10-inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofers Under $100

Skar Audio SDR-10 D4

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.6]

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Skar Audio SDR-10 D4 is a bit pricier than the previously described subwoofers but it still costs less than $100 and it can still be considered affordable.

Despite being a budget speaker, it does its job quite well so we honestly believe it will be suitable for most users who want some decent bass for a relatively small amount of money.

This is a simply designed 10-inch black low-profile subwoofer. It features a 2.5-inch copper voice coil and it has a metal basket.

The subwoofer has a high-roll foam surround but we are a bit disappointed to see that its cone is made from pressed paper.

The subwoofer’s cut-out diameter is 8.93 inches and its mounting depth is 6.08 inches, which is a bit higher than the mounting depth of an average low-profile subwoofer.

The device works nicely in both sealed and vented enclosures, and the instructions related to their sizes are available in the manual and on the manufacturer’s website.

All in all, the subwoofer performs quite well. Its impedance is 4 Ohms, its sensitivity equals 82.5dB, and its frequency response spans from 28 to 300Hz.

On the other hand, its total output power is 1,200W and the RMS is 600W. The sound it delivers is powerful and clear.


  • Simple but attractive design
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to mount
  • Works with sealed and ported enclosures
  • Delivers pleasant bass


  • Doesn’t come with an enclosure or mounting kit
  • The cone is made from pressed paper
  • Needs some time to break in

Best 10-inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofer Under $100: Rockville W10K9D4

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.8]

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Rockville W10K9D4 is a great dual 4-Ohm car subwoofer that can be purchased for less than $100. It comes nicely protected in a simple cardboard box with its 12-month warranty card.

Sadly, the enclosure and mounting kit aren’t included in the package. The subwoofer itself looks really nice.

It’s simple but nicely designed and it looks rather durable and hefty (it weighs approx. 27lbs). The cone is made from non-pressed paper and surrounded by protective rubber.

The basket is very durable so we believe this subwoofer could last you for quite some time.

W10K9D4 features two 3-inch 4-layered aluminum voice coils, its sensitivity is 83dB, its total output power equals 3,200W (the RMS is 800W), and its frequency response spans from 33 to 1,500Hz.

As you can see, the subwoofer is quite powerful and its sound is just like it. You can install it inside a ported or sealed enclosure – it will work perfectly fine with both.

It doesn’t occupy a lot of space, it delivers punchy powerful bass, and you get all that for less than $100 – the perfect choice for all of you with a limited budget and/or space.


  • Affordable price
  • Very nice and elegant design
  • Sturdy and durable construction
  • Powerful and pleasant sound
  • Works with sealed and vented enclosures


  • Cone made from non-pressed paper
  • Doesn’t come with an enclosure or mounting kit

Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.7]

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Rockford Fosgate R2D4-10 is a relatively cheap low-profile subwoofer that will provide a great amount of punchy bass to your car and significantly improve the existing audio system.

It comes in a nice branded packaging with a 12-month warranty, user manual, and a nice set of screws. The subwoofer is simply designed but it looks rather attractive and durable.

It features a 10-inch mica-injected polypropylene cone, high-density poly-foam surround that enables the device to deliver deep punchy bass, 4-Ohm dual voice coils that allow you to wire it for either 2 or 8-Ohm impedance, and a steel stamped basket that adds to the overall durability.

Speaking about the specs, the magnet weighs 43oz. The cut-out diameter size is 9.125 inches, its mounting depth is 4.3 inches, its total output power equals 500W (the RMS is 250W), and its resonant frequency is 34.9 Hz.

The subwoofer works with sealed and ported enclosures. You can choose either of them but it’s important to follow the instructions from the manual regarding the dimensions of the enclosure.

When it comes to the sound, the bass won’t shake your car like some larger or more expensive subwoofers but it definitely gets the job done and it does it very well.

It is easily set up, it offers more wiring flexibility, and it sounds very well.


  • Affordable price
  • Attractive design
  • Flexible wiring and mounting
  • Mounting screws provided
  • Delivers pleasant, punchy bass


  • Not as powerful as some other subwoofers in this price range
  • Doesn’t come with an enclosure

Kicker CompC

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.7]

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Big bass in a small package? With Kicker’s shallow-mount CompC 44TCWC104 subwoofer anything is possible.

The subwoofer comes in a black/yellow color combination that gives its simple design a kind of interesting sporty look.

CompC 44TCWC104 has a total output power of 600W, its RMS is 300W, its impedance 4 Ohms, the sensitivity is 93.8dB, and its frequency response spans from 30 to 500Hz.

One of its most important features is its thinness: considering that its dimensions are 21.5 x 15 x 7.6 inches and its mounting depth is 4 inches, it will be a perfect choice for any car with limited mounting space.

The subwoofer works fine with ported and sealed enclosures but it will definitely work best with one of Kicker’s vented enclosures and one of their great car amps.

Whatever you choose, make sure you follow the instructions regarding mounting and enclosure dimensions provided by the manufacturer to ensure the best possible performance.

CompC 44TCWC104 has a flex-resistant PP cone that reduces the level of distortion even at high volumes, a ribbed foam surround that protects the cone from getting damaged, and a steel basket, which adds to the overall durability and ensures long-lasting performance.

The sound is punchy and pleasant. It won’t blow your mind but the difference in the sound quality will definitely be obvious. 


  • Affordable price
  • Compact size
  • Decent performance
  • Sturdy construction
  • Works with sealed and ported enclosures


  • Not as powerful as some other subwoofers in this category

Best Design: Rockford Fosgate R2

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.9]

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If you’re looking for affordable speakers and subwoofers that offer amazing performance despite their price, Rockford Fosgate is always a great choice.

This time, we’re reviewing R2 – an ultra-shallow 10-inch subwoofer.

The subwoofer comes in black color. It is very nicely designed with the company logo in the gray circle in the center.

R2 has a 9.125-inch diameter and its mounting depth is only 3.4 inches. It works great in both sealed and vented enclosures, and it is a perfect car subwoofer, especially if there’s not much space.

The subwoofer has a Mica-injected PP cone woofer, its ring is made from PVC, and its StampCast basket has a spider vent.

Considering all this, R2 seems like a pretty durable and confident subwoofer, don’t you think?

Plus, it’s quite easy to install. It may not fit your car door but it shall fit the rear speaker deck or it can be installed under the seat (for example, the driver’s seat).

Also, it features a dual voice coil, which means it offers several wiring options and easier subwoofer–amp matching.

When it comes to specs, R2 has a 4-Ohm impedance and its total output power is 400W. The audio reproduction is quite satisfying.

We don’t say that the bass will shake your windows but it will most certainly be very punchy and pleasant.

Sadly, we must point out that the subwoofer is too small to produce very low sub-bass frequencies but we still believe that you won’t be disappointed with it.


  • Compact size
  • Affordable price
  • Simple and nice design
  • Satisfying performance considering the size and price 


  • R2 doesn’t come with a protective grille
  • Too small to produce low sub-bass tones

Best 10-Inch Shallow-Mount Subwoofers Under $200

Best Under $200: Pioneer TS-SW2502S4

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.9]

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The next product on our list of 9 best 10-inch shallow-mount subwoofers is a subwoofer made by an old and well-known audio company – Pioneer.

Their products are known as reliable and reasonably priced considering the offered quality. TS-SW2502S4 is not an exception. It is a decently priced 10-inch subwoofer that performs and looks great.

The design is quite simple and the subwoofer comes in black color only but it really seems rather elegant and attractive.

Considering that its diameter is only 9.75 inches and that its mounting depth is only 3.125 inches, TS-SW2502S4 seems rather compact and it’s a great choice for any small car.

It works great in smaller 0.35 – 0.75 ft3 enclosures that can be either ported or vented.

The perfect place for this device is under a seat, in the rear speaker deck or you can simply mount it in your trunk.

The subwoofer features a mica-injected resin cone that is surrounded by durable protective rubber.

Its total output power is 1,200W (300W RMS), its impedance is 4 Ohms, the sensitivity equals 91dB, and the frequency response spans from 20 to 125 Hz.

Thanks to all these characteristics, TS-SW2502S4 offers great audio performance delivering amazing sound with nicely layered, punch, and tight bass.


  • Affordable price
  • Great performance
  • Punchy tight lows
  • Attractive design and durable construction


  • Too small to deliver mind-blowing bass
  • Too small for larger cars

Kenwood Excelon KFC-XW1000F

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.8]

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The last product on our list is KFC-XW1000F by Kenwood but the fact that it’s the last one definitely doesn’t mean that it is the worst.

On the contrary, Kenwood is another old and famous brand, and its products have always been known as very reliable.

One of them is our KFC-XW1000F – a nicely designed black 10-inch subwoofer.

The subwoofer has a cone made of carbon glass fiber and it is surrounded by butyl protective rubber that prevents any major damage.

The basket is very sturdy and made from aluminum, which means this product shall last you for a long time.

KFC-XW1000F is a compact and shallow subwoofer with a 9.125-inch cutout diameter and 3.94-inch mounting depth. It won’t fit your car door but you can always place it in your trunk, under your seat, or install it in your rear speaker deck.

Whatever the option you choose, we promise the subwoofer will perform great. Its total output is 1000W, the impedance equals 4 Ohms, its sensitivity is 90dB, and its frequency response spans from 35 to 800 Hz.

Plus, it acts great in both sealed and vented enclosures. As a result, the subwoofer delivers quite strong but nicely balanced bass.

Of course, it is too small to hit those very low sub-bass tones but it will still significantly improve the overall experience.


  • Decent design
  • Quality performance (delivers powerful and balanced bass)
  • Reasonably priced
  • Easy to mount and use
  • Perfect for smaller cars
  • Used with sealed and vented enclosures


  • The subwoofer doesn’t come with a grille (you have to buy it separately)
  • The size doesn’t allow it to reproduce very low sub-bass tones

Shallow-Mount Subwoofers – Buyer’s Guide

As we have already said, there are many subwoofers available on the market that come at more than attractive and tempting prices.

To an average consumer, they might all look the same, but they are not.

If you take a closer look, you’ll see that there are many features that need to be taken into consideration if you want to get the right speaker and the sound you’ll love.

This is why we’ve prepared a short buyer’s guide to help you find your next subwoofer faster and easier.

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When we say dimensions, we think about both – the driver size and the dimensions of the whole subwoofer.

If you don’t have a lot of space available or if you’re simply not willing to sacrifice it to place a subwoofer, you have very limited options.

You get to choose between 6 or 8-inch subwoofers. Unfortunately, when you solve the space issue, you may encounter some other problems such as audio reproduction.

Small subwoofers aren’t space-consuming but they simply can’t produce very deep bass.

On the other hand, large subwoofers with 12 or 15-inch cones produce deep bass but they occupy a lot of space.

In order to find the balance, you should consider getting a 10 or maybe a 12-inch subwoofer. You’ll save some space and get a much better performance. It’s a win-win situation.


Another way to find the balance between compactness and great performance is to pay attention to the specs and make sure that a subwoofer has the best possible power output specs (total output and RMS).

As low-frequency tones require a lot of power to sound good, a smaller subwoofer with high power output specs could solve all your problems.

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Materials used

Every single part of a subwoofer is important and you should try to get the one that has quality construction and make sure that it won’t break the first time you crank up the volume.

The most important part here is the cone because it actually moves back and forth and produces all that bass we love so much.

Cones are made from different materials but not all of them have the same quality. They are made of paper, carbon fiber, aluminum, Kevlar, and polypropylene. Paper is the least durable among them.

Manufacturers use paper because it’s lighter and cheaper than other materials but the chances are the paper cone won’t last as long as an aluminum cone or a cone made of carbon fiber. 


Setting the limits is usually the most painful part of the buying process.

The good news is that there are many affordable and great-sounding low-profile subwoofers so you don’t have to spend hundreds to get a remarkable performance.

Keep in mind that the price doesn’t always indicate quality.

Sometimes we have to look closely, and analyze the product specifications and other customers’ reviews to realize that many reliable companies and great products are hiding behind a simple design and affordable price.

In a way, our selection of 9 best 10-inch shallow-mount subwoofers proved that you can get an amazing subwoofer at an affordable price. 

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