9 Best Soundbars for LG TV (2023)

If you have an LG TV, you might be wondering what soundbar should you buy. Soundbars are great additions to TVs and they’re available in different price ranges.

In this article, we explained the main features of soundbars.

To help you decide which soundbar is the most suitable for you, we made a list of 9 best soundbars for LG TV.

Will Any Soundbar Work with LG TV?

Generally, any soundbar should work with LG TV.  But some soundbars might have a Bluetooth connection to certain LG TVs. The same goes for remote control.

Soundbars come with remote control, but sometimes you can control the soundbar with a TV remote (or control both with a universal remote). 

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The problem with flatscreen TVs is that they have poor audio quality. Soundbars will significantly improve sound quality.

If you want to make a home theater out of your living room or just get a much better listening experience, buying a soundbar is the cheapest option.

How to Choose the Best Soundbar?

The subwoofer: Some soundbars come with built-in or wireless subwoofers (or passive radiators). A subwoofer produces bass. If you want the best performance, you should consider buying a soundbar with a subwoofer (either built-in or external). 

The placement: When buying a soundbar, you should make sure if it fits your living room. Soundbars are usually slim, but some are quite wide. Also, many models can be mounted on a wall. If you’re planning to do so, make sure that the soundbar can be mounted on a wall and check if it comes with a mounting kit so you don’t have to buy it afterward.

The Inputs: It’s important to check out what connections your TV supports and look for a soundbar with appropriate inputs. Classic connections are HDMI and optical. Many soundbars can also be connected via Bluetooth. Your TV space will be less cluttered if you choose a wireless connection. However, a wired connection is more stable. 

The Budget: If you have budget limitations, we have good news for you. You can find various budget-friendly soundbars. However, more expensive soundbars usually deliver better performance, have more channels, and more features. 

Our Top Picks

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Now that you have the basics, we can move on to the list of 9 best soundbars for LG TV.

We divided them into three groups considering the price so you can quickly find the soundbar that fits the budget.

Find out what features and specifications each model has to find the best one for yourself.

Best Soundbars For LG TV Under $100

Soundbars in this price range are a good fit for every budget. They might not have some advanced features like more expensive models, but they offer basic features that should satisfy you if you’re not looking for something extra.

Bluetooth connectivity is common in this price range. Some soundbars also come with a built-in or wireless external subwoofer.

Best Small Soundbar For LG TV Under $50 – Majority Bowfell

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.3]

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The majority Bowfell soundbar is compact, small, and suitable for limited spaces. It comes with two speakers and a built-in subwoofer. It features enhanced HD audio quality so you can enjoy watching your movies. 

This cheap soundbar has Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect your phones and listen to your favorite songs. You can also listen to music via USB.

Different devices like TVs, laptops, or CD/mp3 players can be connected via an optical or RCA cable.

With the included remote, you can adjust the treble and bass. You can also set different sound modes. Turn on the Movies Mode when watching a movie to get the best experience.

When listening to music, turn on the Music Mode to get the best possible balance.

The Dialogue Mode makes voices clearer when watching the news or TV shows.

The automatic power-off feature sends the soundbar to standby mode after 180 minutes of no audio signal or TV being turned off.


  • Small and compact
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Bluetooth connection
  • Movies, Music, Dialogue Mode
  • Automatic power-off function


  • Only two channels/drivers
  • Remote is not universal
  • Not wall-mountable
  • No HDMI input

Bestisan S6520

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.3]

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Bestisan S6520 has two full-range drivers and dual bass reflex ports. These ports provide deeper bass and more immersive performance.

The treble and bass can be controlled with the included remote.

This soundbar has strong anti-interference protection. Even at high volumes, the harmonic distortion doesn’t exist.

This budget-friendly soundbar uses DSP technology. It presents audio with deep lows and rousing highs.

There are different sound modes to select from including Music, Movie, and Dialogue Mode.

With the Audio Memory setting, you can go back to the factory audio settings in a second.

This soundbar can be connected to a TV via an optical or coaxial cable. If you prefer a wireless connection, this soundbar also features Bluetooth connectivity.

There are also USB and analog inputs. Via Bluetooth connection, it’s also possible to connect smart devices and listen to music.

The soundbar is wall-mountable but it doesn’t come with a mounting kit. 


  • full-range drivers
  • 2 bass reflex ports
  • strong anti-interference protection
  • DSP technology
  • Dialogue, Movie, Music Mode
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Wall-mountable


  • No volume levels shown
  • 2.0 channels
  • No HDMI connection

Best 2.1 Channel Soundbar For LG TV Under $100 – TOPVISION Soundbar

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.4]

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This soundbar is pretty wide so it’s not suitable for small spaces. If you want to save space or keep your living room clean without many wires, the soundbar can be mounted on a wall.

It features 4 built-in speakers that ensure a wide stereo effect. The 3D surround sound effect makes audio more real and provides a cinema-like experience.

Bass and treble levels can be controlled with the included remote.

TopVision soundbar uses DSP technology. Three different sound modes are available depending on what you are watching.

The Original Mode ensures clear voices. The Theater Mode is ideal for watching all kinds of movies while it provides a better stereo soundstage.

The Music Mode delivers smoother and more balanced sound reproduction. It features four additional Modes including Classic, Natural, Popular, and Jazz.

The soundbar adapts to the sound of the TV automatically.

Via Bluetooth connection, you can connect your smartphone to the soundbar. It has strong anti-interference protection and stable transmission.

The soundbar has different inputs including optical, HDMI, AUX/RCA, and USB.

All cables are included in the package. 


  • 4 built-in speakers
  • 3D surround sound effect
  • DSP technology
  • Original, Theater, Music Mode
  • Various inputs


  • Not suitable for small spaces
  • Dolby Audio not supported

Best Soundbars For LG TV Under $250

Mid-range soundbars come with various features. Besides basic features, some of them support Dolby Audio and have some advanced features for sound quality enhancement.

They also usually have more channels. 


Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.0]

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Vizio soundbar has two full-range built-in stereo speakers that produce stunning sound. The harmonic distortion is less than 1% so you can get clear sound whatever you are watching or listening to.

It uses DTS TruVolume technology that balances volume when you play multimedia.

The DTS TruSurround technology gives a surround sound experience that feels very realistic.

This soundbar has an energy-saving feature. After the period of inactivity, it goes into standby mode.

You can connect your smart devices to this soundbar via Bluetooth to enjoy your favorite tunes.

You can connect the soundbar to your TV using a coaxial or optical cable. There is also a USB input. If you want to connect a separate subwoofer, this soundbar has a subwoofer output.

The soundbar has a wall-mountable design and comes with mounting hardware. The minimalistic and elegant design suits any modern living room.


  • DTS TruSurround technology
  • DTS TruVolume technology
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Harmonic distortion less than 1%
  • Energy-saving feature


  • No HDMI input
  • No Subwoofer

Bose Solo 5


Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.4]

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Although Bose Solo 5 doesn’t come with a subwoofer, it produces strong bass that can be controlled with the included remote.

There is no output for an additional soundbar, so if you’re thinking about adding it, this model might not be the one for you.

With the included remote you can also control most video sources connected to the TV.

The power button can be customized so you can turn on and off your soundbar, TV, or cable/satellite box.

You can connect your smartphone to the soundbar via Bluetooth. Up to two smart devices can be connected at a time via Bluetooth and you can switch between them.

This soundbar features the Dialogue Mode which is useful when watching the news, sports, and TV shows. It makes dialogues clearer and more understandable.

After 60 minutes of inactivity, the soundbar automatically turns off.

This soundbar can be connected to a TV via optical or coaxial cable. There is also a 3.5 mm aux input.

It detects which one you are using automatically. The soundbar is wall-mountable, but it doesn’t come with a mounting kit.

The mounting ring is included in the package so you can hide the power supply and keep your living room tidy.


  • Universal remote
  • Dialogue Mode
  • Automatic power off
  • The power button can be customized


  • No HDMI input
  • Subwoofer not included
  • Lacks subwoofer output

Best Soundbar With a Built-In Subwoofer Under $200 – Yamaha SR-C20A

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.5]

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This compact soundbar is suitable even for limited spaces and small rooms. It can also be mounted on a wall.

The built-in gyroscope will automatically recognize the orientation of the soundbar and adjust the sound output depending on the orientation.

Different connections you can use include optical, HDMI, and aux. Bluetooth connectivity allows pairing to smart devices and streaming music, podcasts, and audiobooks. 

This soundbar comes with a built-in subwoofer and two passive radiators.

The subwoofer produces powerful bass and saves you space by eliminating the need for an additional external subwoofer.

The soundbar can be controlled with a TV remote or you can download the Sound Bar Remote app.

Virtual surround sound gives you the best cinema experience. The Clear Voice feature makes sure the dialogues are reproduced clearly. There are also different sound modes that enhance the content you are watching.

That includes Standard, Stereo, Movie, and Game Mode. 


  • Space-saving
  • Built-in subwoofer
  • Virtual surround
  • Clear Voice feature
  • Standard, Stereo, Movie, Game Mode


  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No voice assistant
  • Dolby Atmos not supported

Best Soundbars For LG TV Over $250

Expensive soundbars come with various advanced features and options. They might offer voice control options or Wi-Fi connectivity. They often feature technologies that make audio clearer and crispier.

They also have built-in or external subwoofers (or subwoofer outputs). 

Best Soundbar With Wireless Subwoofer Under $300 – LG SL5Y

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.3]

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This 2.1 channel soundbar supports DTS virtual: X. It can be connected to a TV via Bluetooth.

It can also be connected via optical or HDMI cable. You can connect your smartphone to the soundbar via Bluetooth to stream your playlists.

You can download the Music Flow Bluetooth app that’s available on Android and listen to your favorite songs. The audio processing technology brings high-quality audio.

Depending on what you are watching, this soundbar automatically detects the content and adjusts to it.

This soundbar fits perfectly on a stand but it can also be mounted on a wall. It comes with an external wireless subwoofer.

Sound sync allows you to connect your LG soundbar to your LG TV wirelessly via Bluetooth. It synchronizes devices and reduces the cable clutter.

You can control the soundbar with your smartphone.

The Smartphone Remote app is available only for Android devices. The app offers some additional settings such as Night Mode.

Some functions can also be controlled with your TV’s remote control when the soundbar and Simplink-enabled LG TV are connected via HDMI cable.

When you turn on the TV or an external device connected to the soundbar, it recognizes the input signal, turns it on, and selects the suitable function.


  • Supports DTS virtual: X 
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Comes with wireless subwoofer
  • Automatically adjusts audio output to content
  • Available Sound Sync
  • Auto Power-on


  • No Wi-Fi connectivity
  • No Voice control support
  • More space is needed for the subwoofer

Best Soundbar For LG TV With Alexa Built-In – Samsung HW-S60T

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.5]

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This soundbar has an elegant design and it’s made with premium fabric. It has dual-sided horn speakers and a built-in subwoofer.

The Samsung Acoustic Beam Technology provides a surround sound experience perfect for home theaters. It can process DTS and Dolby Audio.

Samsung HW-S60T features built-in Alexa. It lets you control the soundbar and some other compatible devices easier.

Different sound modes are designed to provide you with the best possible experience for every kind of content you’re watching or listening to.

The Adaptive Mode optimizes sound for news, movies, and TV shows. It makes voices clearer if you’re watching your TV at low volumes.

The Music Mode is optimized for music reproduction. 

This soundbar has multiple connection options. You can connect it to your TV via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, HDMI, or optical connection.

The Bluetooth multi-connection allows you to pair two different smart devices and switch between them. This soundbar has low consumption and it is Energy Star-certified. 

You can place your soundbar in front of your TV or you can mount it on a wall with the included mounting kit.

It can be controlled with the included One Remote or you can install the SmartThings app and control it with your smartphone or tablet.


  • premium fabric
  • built-in subwoofer
  • Samsung Acoustic Beam Technology
  • built-in Alexa
  • Music Mode, Adaptive Mode
  • Bluetooth multi-connection
  • Wi-Fi connection
  • Energy Star certified


  • Doesn’t have a dedicated center channel
  • Settings not displayed 

Best Home Theater Soundbar For LG TV Under $600 – Polk Audio MagniFi MAX

Editor’s Rating: [usr 4.2]

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This 5.1-channel soundbar supports Dolby Digital and DTS audio. The powerful and clean sound is produced by 7 drivers and tweeters.

With the soundbar comes a wireless subwoofer. The downward-firing drivers spread the sound across the room delivering an immersive surround sound experience.

The Voice Adjust Technology allows you to control the voice levels, make voices clearer, and reduce voice delays. Movies, Music, and Sports Mode adjust audio to the content you’re enjoying.

They enhance and emphasize specific sounds that are important. With Google Chromecast, you can wirelessly listen to music from Android smart devices.

Polk Audio MagniFi MAX has various options for connecting to other devices.

It has three HDMI inputs allowing you to connect additional devices. It also has an optical and AUX analog input.

Devices can also be connected via Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, or USB. The setup is easy and you can simply do it with the Google Home app on your Android device.


  • 5.1 channel
  • Supports Dolby Digital and DTS audio
  • The Patented SDA Audio technology
  • 7 drivers 
  • Comes with a wireless subwoofer
  • Voice Adjust Technology
  • Movies, Music, Sports Mode
  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • 3 HDMI inputs


  • No Voice Control
  • Doesn’t retain volume settings and modes after entering sleep mode

This concludes our selection of 9 best soundbars for LG TV.  If you want to find out more about soundbars and their features, read our buyer’s guide.

Buyer’s Guide – What You Need to Know When Buying a Soundbar For LG TV

We made a buying guide to help you understand better how soundbars work and what features they have. It’s important to understand them so you can buy the one that suits your needs.

There are different models available on the market and you can easily find the one that you need.

Subwoofers (built-in, wireless)

Soundbars have integrated multiple speakers to create an amazing sound, but many of them can’t produce low-pitched audio frequencies known as bass.

This is why an external subwoofer is often included in the package. It’s a great device for home theaters because the sound experience, along with the picture quality, is the most important. 

Many soundbars come with built-in subwoofers. Although they are a bit bigger than classic soundbars, they still save a lot of space.

You can also buy a soundbar with a separate subwoofer which can have a wired or wireless connection. 

Connections (HDMI, optical, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi)

When buying a soundbar it’s important to check what connections your TV supports so you’ll know what connection your soundbar needs to have.

Standard connections include HDMI and optical. If you can choose, an HDMI connection would be a better choice since it’s more capable and delivers better performance. 

Many soundbars, even the cheaper ones, have a Bluetooth connection.

The positive side of a Bluetooth connection is that your TV area won’t be cluttered, but the wired connection is more stable.

Also, every Bluetooth-enabled soundbar can be connected to smart devices for streaming podcasts, audiobooks, and music.

Another connection available on some pricier soundbars is Wi-Fi.


The soundbars usually contain several speakers. These speakers are arranged in channels.

Most cheap soundbars have only two speakers arranged into 2 channels but some pricier soundbars have more channels.

If a soundbar has 2.1 channels it means that the speakers are arranged into two channels and that it also comes with a subwoofer.

If you’re looking for a soundbar that will create the most dynamic audio experience for your home theater, you should look for a model that supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Those models are usually more expensive.


If you’re planning on buying a soundbar, you probably already know where you are going to place it.

Soundbars are usually slim and wide so they can fit comfortably in front of a TV. But if you want to mount it on a wall, be sure to check out if it can be mounted.

Also, you need to think about the subwoofer placement if you’re planning on buying the soundbar that comes with one.

Although a wireless connection allows more flexible placement you shouldn’t place the soundbar too far away from the wireless audio source or you will lose the connection.

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