Can I Connect Speakers Directly to My TV?

Are you tired of amplifiers and receivers and want a simpler solution? Well, you can thank modern technology because there are great ways to avoid using additional devices when connecting speakers to your TV! But, can you connect all types of speakers directly to your TV? The shortest answer we can give you is no. However, there are certain groups of speakers that will allow this kind of connection. So, if you’re interested in learning about the ways to connect your speakers directly to the TV, you should definitely keep reading this article!

Ways to Connect Speakers Directly to the TV

As we mentioned at the beginning of our article, not all speakers can be connected directly to your TV. Therefore, you will need to buy specific types of speakers in case you want to avoid using additional devices such as an amplifier. The type that always works without any kind of extra gadget are active speakers. Active speakers, as opposed to passive ones, have a built-in amplifier. That allows speakers to work on their own. If you opt for these speakers, you will only have to connect them to a power source and to your TV, and you’ll be good to go.

There are many variations of active speakers on the market. Bluetooth speakers, for example, will not require the use of any other gadget. Computer speakers are also considered active. In case you want something more high-end, you have those options as well! So, let’s go through the most popular types of active speakers, which will let you connect them to the TV directly.

Use Computer Speakers

Do you have a pair of computer speakers in your household? That’s great! You can check whether you can connect them directly to your TV. Who knows, they might be just what you need for a great audio experience! But probably not. You see – these speakers are usually very small and don’t deliver a significantly better listening experience than the speakers built inside your TV.

Computer speakers are the cheapest solution

Computer speakers are the cheapest solution

To use your computer speakers, you should simply plug them into the corresponding port of your TV, and they’ll work without issues. Usually, these speakers will use a jack (3.5mm) that you’ll be able to find on your TV. However, in case they use a plug that you can’t find on the TV, you can do a bit of research to find out which adapter you need to buy to connect these devices. In any case, the process will be pretty easy and quick.

Buy Wireless Speakers

2a – Bluetooth Speakers

In most cases, standard Bluetooth speakers will allow you to connect them directly to the TV. Your TV should, of course, have the Bluetooth feature available as well. And when we say Bluetooth, we mean Bluetooth transmitter and not Bluetooth receiver. So, make sure that your TV can send the Bluetooth signal. Also, make sure that both – your TV and your Bluetooth speaker support aptX LL audio codec.

Bluetooth speakers are also a viable option

Bluetooth speakers are also a viable option, but only if your TV has a built-in Bluetooth transmitter and if your Bluetooth speakers support aptX LL

To connect your Bluetooth speaker to your TV, you should turn on your Bluetooth speakers and make them discoverable. You can check your speakers’ manual to learn how to engage the pairing mode and enable them to connect to other devices. In most cases, you’ll have to press a certain button and wait for some kind of light signal. Then, you will need to switch the TV on. Your next step will be finding the Bluetooth settings in the TV menu, turning on the Bluetooth transmitter, and searching for available Bluetooth devices. 

As your speakers’ Bluetooth will now be switched on, you should search for other Bluetooth devices via your TV. That option should be offered somewhere in the Bluetooth settings. In case you can’t find it, check the instructions manual your TV came with to see how to connect your devices properly. Then, you’ll only have to connect your devices, and you’ll be good to go! There’s a chance that your TV will ask you for a PIN code before pairing. You can find that code in the instructions as well. Play some music or switch to your favorite channel to check if you did a good job at connecting everything.

What to Do If the TV Does Not Have a Bluetooth Transmitter

There is a way to connect your devices even if your TV doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature. The gadget you’ll need to achieve this connection is a Bluetooth transmitter. The transmitter will give your TV the ability to connect to other devices that have the Bluetooth feature. In case you don’t have a transmitter, we’re certain that you’ll be able to find a good and affordable option on the market easily.

Once you have the transmitter with you, you should connect it to the corresponding port on your TV. Then, check the range of the transmitter to see how close you should place your speakers. After that, turn on all of the devices you’ll need for this connection: transmitter, TV, and speakers. Enable the Bluetooth pairing on your speakers, just like you would do in any other situation, and then follow the transmitter’s instructions to connect these devices. Most of the time, the connection will be established automatically. So, you won’t have to do much. You can check whether you successfully paired the speakers by playing something on your TV. That’s it!

How to Use a Bluetooth Transmitter

2b – RF speakers

RF speakers are very similar to Bluetooth speakers, but are much less popular, even though they are quite reliable. There are only a few RF speakers on the market, and they are usually advertised as TV speakers for the hearing impaired

RF speakers are often advertised as wireless speakers for hearing impaired

RF speakers are often advertised as wireless speakers for hearing impaired

RF speakers come with an RF transmitter that sometimes doubles as a charger for the speaker. RF transmitter connects to the TV (usually via AUX or RCA connection). Then, you turn on the transmitter, turn on the speaker, select the right RF frequency, and you’re ready to go. Naturally, you will have to adjust your TV’s audio settings and select the right audio output.

2c – Apple TV and Airplay/Airplay 2 speakers

In case you have an Apple TV, you can also use it with wireless Airplay/Airplay 2 speakers. In other words, you can send wireless audio from your Apple TV to your Airplay speakers. You can send it across your entire home. 

Apple TV can send audio wirelessly from TV to your Airplay/Airplay 2 speakers

Apple TV can send audio wirelessly from TV to your Airplay/Airplay 2 speakers

On your Apple TV, navigate through settings and click on Video and Audio settings. Then, go to the Audio Output section. Click on it and select the speakers you want to send audio to. Naturally, you should set up the speakers first, and the speakers should be turned on.

You can use any number of speakers with Airplay/Airplay 2 support – Apple HomePod, KEF LSX, SONOS speakers with Airplay 2 support, Naim Mu-So speakers, JBL Link, B&W speakers with Airplay 2 support, Audio Pro speakers with Airplay 2 support, etc. 

How to use your Airplay 2 speakers with your Apple TV

Buy Wired Powered Stereo Speakers

Not all great stereo speakers require an amplifier! You can find amazing stereo speakers on the market that will work on their own. Most of them are smaller in size and will not take up much of your space. As there are many different types on the market, you can choose the one that uses the same type of cable that you can plug into your TV.

Wired active speakers

Wired active speakers are a great option if the wireless connection is not your priority – they are a much better option than computer speakers

You can also find great wireless options. So, check out those as well if you prefer that type of connection. Once you have your speakers with you, you can check out their manual to find the easiest way to connect them to your TV for the best listening experience.

Buy a Soundbar

Just like regular speakers, soundbars do not need a receiver or an amplifier to work. You can simply connect them directly to your TV, usually with the help of an HDMI or optical cable. They come in many variations, and you’ll easily find exactly what you need without spending too much money. Moreover, they will provide high-quality audio. Thus, if you don’t want to settle for a mediocre sound, you should opt for a soundbar.

A soundbar is a very compact and fairly affordable solution

In Conclusion

As you can see, you have many good options to connect speakers directly to your TV. We made sure to include different types of speakers in order to help everyone find the perfect solution.

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