How to Get Netflix to Play through Surround Sound?

Do you want to have the option to enjoy content on Netflix in the best audio quality there is? Did you get yourself a new surround sound and you want to try it out? Well, the process of getting Netflix to play through surround sound is easier than you might think! In fact, we will explain to you how to do that in a matter of minutes!

Can I Watch Netflix through Surround Sound?

The short answer to this question is – yes, you can. But, and here’s where the longer version of the answer comes in, Netflix allows you to watch content via surround sound, however, not every title is compatible with it. So, you will have to look for a “5.1” icon or a “Dolby Digital Plus” logo. Every title that has those icons in its description will be compatible with surround sound.


When it comes to the streaming plans which allow you to play the content through surround sound, even the most frugal readers will be happy to know that any plan will let you do that. Moreover, you will be able to choose the streaming quality that you want. You can set it to auto, medium, or high.

Getting Netflix to Play Through Surround Sound

Did you set up your surround sound? It’s time to learn how to play your favorite Netflix movie through it.

So, you will begin this process by turning everything on. Then, open the Netflix app or the website, whichever you prefer. You should scroll through the content and pick the one that you want to watch. As we mentioned, you will not be able to play everything via surround sound. Therefore, you should look for the Dolby or 5.1 icons in the description of the content.

The next step is to play the content and then pause it immediately after it starts. At the top of your screen, you will find the “Audio and Subtitles” menu. There, you will be able to change the audio to 5.1. You will now be able to play the content and hear it through surround sound.

Another way to play Netflix through surround sound is to change the settings of the AV receiver. In case you go with this option, all of the content on Netflix will automatically play through surround sound. If that’s not the case for your device, then you must go through the Netflix website or the app, just like we explained above. That’s it!

What to do When You Aren’t Able to Play the Content through Surround Sound

If you have some issues with playing your favorite movie or a TV show through surround sound, don’t worry! We won’t leave you without support. So, we’re dedicating the next section of our article to explaining what you can do when you encounter this kind of problem.

  • Your Surround Sound Might Not be Connected Properly

The problem might not be in the connection between Netflix and surround sound. The issue can be in the way you connected your surround sound. For example, the cables connecting your surround sound to your device might be loose. So, you should double-check whether all of the cords and ports are tightly plugged. Moreover, we recommend that you check out the state of your speakers’ connection.

Many people make mistakes when connecting speakers to a receiver. Thus, don’t forget to check that connection as well. Another way to solve an issue with surround sound is by reversing the ports at both ends of the HDMI or optical cable. For some reason, that solves the issue for a lot of people.

HDMI and optical cable

The state of your cord might also cause an issue. So, you should also check if your cable is in a good shape. In case you find that it isn’t, it’s best to buy a new one and try to play Netflix through surround sound again to see if you fixed the problem.

  • The Content you are Trying to Play is Not Compatible with 5.1

As we mentioned before, if the title doesn’t have a 5.1 or the Dolby icons, you won’t be able to play it through surround sound. Sometimes, when we find the exact title that we need, we can get excited and carried away and forget to check whether it’s compatible with our devices. It happens. So, always double-check if you can even play the content that you want through the surround sound.

  • You Forgot to Turn On 5.1 Audio in the Netflix Settings

If you have troubles with playing the content through surround sound, you should go to the part of our article where we explain the exact steps. An important part of the process of playing Netflix through surround sound is changing the settings in the menu. Thus, you should turn on 5.1 audio and try to play the content again.

  • You Did Not Change the Audio Settings of Your Device

Whether you’re watching the Netflix content from your TV or computer, you will probably need to change the audio settings so that the movies and TV shows from the Netflix app or website automatically play via surround sound. The way this process should be done depends on the device and the model. So, it’s best that you check the manual your device came with to see which audio output is compatible with 5.1. You can also try to find the instructions online for your particular model.

  • Your Device Does Not Support 5.1

If you have trouble finding the 5.1 icons on every title you click on, there’s a huge chance that your device doesn’t support it. Those with devices that use older plugins will likely have this issue. For example, 5.1 audio will not work on Microsoft Silverlight. Therefore, you won’t be able to play the content through surround sound unless you update your device.

  • The Language You Want Your Content to Be in Does Not Have a 5.1 Audio Option

Even in case there is a 5.1 audio option on a certain title, that doesn’t mean that it will be available for every language. So, you should change the language of the content you would like to watch and check whether the 5.1 icon appears.

Final Thoughts on How to Get Netflix to Play through Surround Sound

Did you manage to play your favorite Netflix title through surround sound? If you did, congratulations! In case you have some issues with this process, come back to the troubleshooting portion of our article. You will be able to find a few possible solutions to your problems there.

Hopefully, our guide was thorough and easy to follow. If you’re interested in more articles like this, check out the blog section of our website. See you soon!

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