How to Pair Altec Lansing Speaker?

Suppose the question above brought you to this article. In that case, there is a good chance you got one of the Altec Lansing Bluetooth family speakers, and you’re not sure what it is and how to use it.

Don’t worry. We’ll help you out. It is straightforward to set it up and play the music on it. But first, let’s explain what you have and how it works to help you understand better what is going on and what to expect.

How to go into pairing mode on the Altec Lansing speaker?

To enter the pairing mode, examine the top of the Altec Lansing speaker, and you will see a couple of buttons.

  • One of them will have a Power symbol on it. Press and hold that button for a few seconds.
  • An LED light will appear, and you will hear a voice notification.
  • They are both there to let you know that the speaker has entered into the pairing mode.
  • In other words, it is ready to connect to the other device.

There is nothing else you need to do with it. You will do the rest of the settings on your smartphone.

These settings may vary a bit depending on are you using an Android or iPhone, so let’s see how to connect with both of them.

Altec Lansing speaker

How to connect Bluetooth speaker on Android phone?

There are two ways how to get to the Bluetooth settings on your Android smartphone.

  1. Swipe down from the top of your screen, and you will see the shortcuts to the different settings. Find the one that says “Bluetooth” and tap on it.
  2. Tap on the Settings icon on your screen. Then scroll down until you find “Bluetooth” and tap on it.

Once you have found your way to the Bluetooth settings, the next steps are:

1) Make sure that the Bluetooth is ON and then tap on “Available devices” or a similar option. It will scan the area for all active Bluetooth devices and list them.

2) Find one that is named the same as your Altec Lansing speaker and tap on it.

3) Now tap on “pair”. After a few seconds, you will hear a sound signal notifying you that your phone and the speaker are paired.

After you do this, all sound coming from your phone, including the phone calls, will be played on the speaker. To stop this, you can turn off Bluetooth on your phone, unpair devices, or turn off your Bluetooth speaker.

How to connect a Bluetooth speaker to the iPhone?

iPhone will connect to Bluetooth devices similar to the Android.

First, go to settings, turn on Bluetooth, and then tap on the name of the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker. When you are doing this, make sure you are within 10m (33 feet) from the speaker.

In some cases, iPhone may be confused about what kind of device it is paired with. It may warn you that the sound is too loud and that it may damage your hearing.

Confusion happens when the iPhone doesn’t receive proper feedback from the device, and it thinks you are using headphones with the volume turned on too high.

If you receive this warning, you will need to classify your device as a speaker.

To do this, go to the settings > Bluetooth and then tap on “I” next to the device’s name.

Tap on Device type and then choose “speaker.”

To stop the speaker from playing, you can turn off the Bluetooth on your phone, unpair the speaker the same way you paired it or turn off the speaker.

What are the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speakers?

As you may or may not know, Altec Lansing is a company that produces audio equipment for almost a century.

Have you heard about Woodstock? An iconic music festival, marked as a historic moment for Rock and Roll, held in 1969, with an audience of 400.000 people? All the speakers playing the music at that festival were made by Altec Lansing Company. Talk about legacy, ha?

Altec Lansing

Since the good, old days, technology has progressed, and speakers look and work differently. So, Altec Lansing launched a series of waterproof, floating, drop-resistant, outdoor, Bluetooth speakers. They became very popular because of their features, resilience, quality, and loud, crisp sound.

You can carry one anywhere you want and don’t have to worry too much about dropping it, making it dirty, or even if it falls into the water.

All you need to care about is battery life and a streaming device as a source of music. This streaming device will usually be your smartphone. To do that, you will use Bluetooth technology.

What is Bluetooth, and how it works?

Bluetooth is a standard developed to transfer data wirelessly over short ranges. It uses UHF radio frequencies.

The first commercial device that used Bluetooth to connect to other devices was launched in 1999, and since then, Bluetooth has come a long way as a standard.

The latest iterations can send and receive signals over significant distances of over 50m. They consume very little energy and can transfer a lot of data to multiple devices simultaneously.


Despite having many advantages, Bluetooth still has some limitations. For example, it is still impossible to transmit full surround sound via Bluetooth, so you can only hear stereo. But, in many applications, this limitation is pretty much irrelevant.

Not to go deep into all techy stuff, but all you need to know is that your phone will send the music as data, using radio waves to the Bluetooth speaker. This speaker will now reproduce it loud and clear.

But, there are many Bluetooth devices around these days. So, you need to tell your phone and your speaker to ignore all the other devices and only talk to each other for this to work. This agreement between two Bluetooth devices is called “pairing”. Let’s see how to do it.

SUMMARY: Connecting Your Altec Lansing Speaker

It is super easy to pair the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker with your smartphone.

Take the speaker and hold the power button until the LED light turns on and the voice notification says you entered pairing mode. Then put down the speaker and take your smartphone.

Android smartphone

If you have an Android, either swipe down from the top of your screen and tap on the Bluetooth icon or tap on the Settings, then find Bluetooth and tap on it.

Turn the Bluetooth on by tapping and then look for available devices. When you find the name of your Altec Lansing speaker, tap on pair.

To stop playing, you can either turn off the Bluetooth on your Android phone, unpair the speaker following the same steps like pairing, or turn off the speaker itself.


Go to Settings, then Bluetooth. Turn the Bluetooth on and tap on the name of the speaker.

To disconnect them, turn off Bluetooth, unpair devices, turn off the speaker, or open Control Center and tap on the Bluetooth icon.

We hope this article helped you connect the Altec Lansing Bluetooth speaker and your mobile, device. Enjoy the music and see you soon.

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